Julia Torchut, Winemaker

Julia Torchut


After earning a Bachelor's degree in chemistry, Julia felt called to her vocation and went on to earn a National Diploma in Oenology from the University of Bordeaux. She now travels extensively, working as a winemaking consultant in vineyards around the world.

In her early career, she worked for vineyards in Quebec, before leaving to work internationally, including at a winery in Chile and then on as far as New Zealand, as well as at numerous vineyards in France, from the Rhône Valley to Bordeaux.

Having gained this experience, she returned to Quebec and worked in a cider house before joining the Elnova team. Julia’s extensive expertise is a huge benefit, and she can help you with your project every step of the way, from processing fruit through to bottling.

Jean-François Michel, business development, Montérégie, Estrie, Center of Quebec

Jean-François Michel

Business development, Montérégie, Estrie, Center of Quebec

Jean-François has more than 25 years of experience in sales and project execution. He has held the business development position for 2 years and now oversees our external sales team with a passion. His desire to provide unparalleled customer service drives us to improve every day since we want to support his ambitions.

Roger Kennedy, Business development

Roger Kennedy

Business development

Passionate by the beverage industry, especially beer, Roger joined Elnova as our first Salesforce physically covering the Atlantic provinces. He was born in Newfoundland and now lives in Halifax where he offers an excellent service to our growing clientele. Always wanting to increase the satisfaction of his client, Roger is well served with a wide range of products that Elnova is offering for him to allow craft beverage producers to grow, to be more productive or to increase the quality of their product.

Nathalie L’homme, customer service

Nathalie L’homme

Customer service

Nathalie has over 20 years of experience in retail, commercial and industrial customer service. Nathalie works for the satisfaction and smiles of our customers and makes sure to give fair and quick answers to all the requests and questions submitted to her. Her sense of humor, her good mood and the quality of the events she organizes make her a highly appreciated colleague by our entire team.

Jean-Sébastien Dulude, sales consultant

Jean-Sébastien Dulude

Sales consultant

Jean-Sébastien quickly adapted our equipment offer to meet the needs of Elnova clients. Jean-Sébastien is the one who will guide you towards the best solutions for your project.

He’s always willing to go the extra mile and consult with other specialists on the team, because he takes your satisfaction to heart. His commitment is his strength, and his dedication makes him a one of the most valued members of our team.

Christophe Steinle, client services representative

Christophe Steinle

Client services representative

Christophe is central to Elnova’s client services. He welcomes visitors to our showroom, he’ll pick up your order, he coordinates transportation, and he’ll find you the best deal each and every time. In fact, client satisfaction is so important to Christophe, that you can often find him in the warehouse helping out Ghislain!

Mathew Van Doorn, Internal Sales and Market Development

Mathew Van Doorn

Internal Sales and Market Development

Mathew has substantial experience in sales and project management across Canada. He brings those key skills to complete the team and to benefit our growing success. His mandate is to promote our range of products and services across the country, already reputed in Eastern Canada.

Daniel Fontaine, after-sales service manager

Daniel Fontaine

After-sales service manager

Daniel brings with him 10 years of experience with a major fire truck manufacturer. His experience, punctuated by multiple promotions, underlines his value as a key resource in several departments of a company. At Elnova, he comes to structure and manage our technical department. In addition, he must ensure our customers’ satisfaction by exceeding their expectations. He had a very positive impact on our organization upon his arrival. The level of satisfaction of our after-sales service on equipment reached new heights thanks to him.

Jonathan Allard, road electromechanic

Jonathan Allard

Road electromechanic

Rémi Collin, workshop electromechanic

Rémi Collin

Workshop electromechanic

Jonathan Ledoux, managing director, partner

Jonathan Ledoux

Managing director, partner

Jonathan has over 15 years of management experience in several SMEs. His strength: supporting the good management of operations in a context of growth. Jonathan also has the mandate to maintain a convincing trust relationship with clients. Regardless of the size of your company, his mission is to supervise the team so that it supports you in your current production and in your growth projects.

Eva Calderon-Messier, administrative coordinator

Eva Calderon-Messier

Finance manager

Eva plays a key role in the company's finances, an essential position for our management team in a context of growth. With more than 15 years of experience in accounting and administration, she holds a degree in business administration from Concordia University and a diploma in financial management and budget control from HEC Montreal. She holds our administration with rigor.

Martin Pinsonneault, purchasing & logistics coordinator

Martin Pinsonneault

Purchasing & logistics coordinator

Martin has risen to more than one challenge in the company. He is responsible for coordinating all purchases, and for the logistics of our international component, so it’s safe to say that Martin’s role is essential to the Elnova’s growth. His thorough attention to detail ensures we can spot any supply-chain errors, so that we can make sure that our products meet both your needs and your budget.

Ghislain Dupont, warehouse manager

Ghislain Dupont

Warehouse manager

Having 15 years’ experience in an industry centred on fragile products is an accomplishment in itself, and Ghislain has that and more. You can count on him to make sure your order gets from point A to point B safely.

Ghislain’s focus is your satisfaction: he’ll inquire about your equipment and facilities to ensure your order reception goes smoothly. He takes great pride in loading goods optimally, to make reception even easier for our clients.

Carole-Ann Desautels, Purchasing administrative clerk

Carole-Ann Desautels

Purchasing administrative clerk

Thanks to her 10 years of experience in customer service and her accounting skills, Carole-Ann has brought valuable expertise to the growth of Elnova. Indeed, she provides key support to these departments by ensuring the proper management of large-scale mandates. In addition to the many tasks that govern her daily life, she takes care of several purchasing files with our Canadian suppliers.

David Lebas, president

David Lebas


In 1984, Elnova was established; in 2012, it was acquired by David Lebas, who has had a wide-ranging career in national and international marketing in the agrifood, engineering, and distribution sector. David is a committed and dynamic leader, and he is devoted to raising the bar at Elnova when it comes to expertise and quality client services. His determination has helped position Elnova as a benchmark of excellence across North America.

David is leading Elnova’s growth, and is as involved in the marketing aspects as he is in developing strong partnerships with reputable suppliers. Ultimately, his mission is to enable Elnova to consistently offer excellent solutions, and to deftly respond to the changing market needs.


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