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Electromechanical services

for all your agri-food equipment

Elnova puts at your disposal its new line of electromechanical services, specialized for the agri-food industry. Our approach focuses on intervention and prevention, to improve the lifespan of your production equipment and ensure its optimal operation.

Your bottling, canning and brewing production machines for beverages such as beer, wine, cider (and other beverages such as juices, kombucha, etc.) require electromechanical expertise that we master like no other.

Our safe procedures, adapted to your production environment, meet your company’s needs. Here, our team merges its experience and knowledge of electromechanical systems costs for your machines, from spinning to moving parts, no matter the nature of your products.

Our services

All of our electromechanical services meet the challenges of the agri-food sector. Our offer is flexible to promise you an enjoyable experience: each of our experts deploys both rigour and courtesy for your utmost satisfaction.

Reparation on a isobarometric filler's control panel

  • Electromechanical Services
    Our electro-mechanical services are especially indicated in case of problems with your machines. Our experts travel to examine the faults, establish a precise diagnosis and propose a relevant intervention plan.
  • Modification and optimization
    Gain in terms of efficiency and productivity by optimizing your manual or semi-manual equipment chains. Our team’s analysis can also highlight certain options that would help you reduce your costs – especially your labour costs.
  • Project Management
    Whether it is for the implementation of new equipment or the optimization of existing equipment, Elnova ensures a quality process through efficient management. Trust our team to carry out your project with brio from A to Z, while respecting your current operations and your team.
  • Preventive maintenance plan
    Preventive maintenance of your equipment is an investment of choice. By reducing the number of breakdowns during the production period, you ensure maximum efficiency for your installations. It is also an excellent way to offer your team safe and efficient installations at all times.
  • Phone support
    We are available from 8:30 a.m and 5:00 p.m on working days to support you in case of an emergency.

    Our electro-mechanics will guide you over the phone to try to resolve the situation. A visit will be scheduled if the problem persists.

    Conditions: Hourly rate operation: our hours are billable even if the problem is not solved; The first 15 minutes are free*; A road electro-mechanic can be sent on site if the problem cannot be solved remotely.

* Management may decide to charge in case of abuse

Service Contract


Small businesses in the field, keep an eye out on your facilities on a regular basis thanks to two monthly visits by our team.



Opt for a flexible package that adjusts to your needs in real time. Also get the best advice from our team for your daily operations.



Treat yourself to a complete follow-up service, provided by experts in the field. Also, save on labour costs by avoiding hiring expensive specialties in-house.


To be used in blocks of 4h. The schedule will be confirmed in the last week of the previous month.
Service call not included in monthly hours.

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