Piston Pump, twin-cylinder



We proposes a vast range of advanced technology stainless steel piston pumps that feature a high level of efciency, sturdiness, and reliability. Maintaining the fundamental “long stroke”characteristic, these pumps make it possible to obtain a high yield, even with the most difcult liquids, as well as fow that is regular, balanced, and smooth. All this in the maximum respect for the qualitative characteristics of the product.

Main features: pump body with components in cast stainless steel, interchangeable stainless steel cylinder liner, interchangeable stainless steel valve seats on main models, compensation chamber on intake and delivery pipes, helical gear reduction unit mounted on ball and roller bearings, two-speed electric motor with automatic cutof as standard supply, pressure switch, fow inverter.

Use: vinegar, spirit, distillate, dregs, liquor, must, oil, fruit pulp, vegetable pulp, fruit juice, vegetable juice, destalked grape, wine.
On demand: ATEX* fameproof model, electronic fow regulator and radio remote control.


Electronic fow regulator
Radio remote control
ATEX* fameproof model

Technical Specificities

Connexion : Tri-clamp 80 at 120 mm
Flow : 185 at 1250 Hectoliter/h
Code : PPI


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